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"Decorating Ideas for the Everyday Home!"

Do you know what I love most about decorating magazines? All the wonderful ideas and room inspirations. Do you know what I hate most about decorating magazines? All the wonderful ideas and room inspirations. (LOL) If you're like me, you could change your decor at least every other day. But if you're also like me, the ole' pursestrings are drawn tight and the budget just doesn't allow $10,000 makeovers. Throughout my career as a designer (now a "Home Stylist"), I have tried to attain a sense of style and design without spending a small fortune. I will not argue that some things are worth their money, but to me - a room is defined by the objects placed around it. In other words, I love accessories and art and all those "chatchkies" my mother warned me would be a nightmare to dust. (She was right, of course, but it still doesn't stop me! LOL) I love ideas that create a lot of impact for not much money. I hope you enjoy some of these ideas as well!

"The Grass is Always Greener..."

If your coffee table is in need of something(?), how about this simple idea. Plant a favorite pot (or grouping of pots) with any kind of fast-growing grass seed such as rye (or catnip! Your furry friends will love you for it!). You can find grass seed at any garden variety store. This idea is a great way to add texture and a splash of summer color to your home. Entertaining? Cut a few stems of gerbera daisies at short but varying lengths, place inside water tubes (available at all florists). Insert the tubes into the grass pots for instant color and drama.

"Book 'em!"

Unfortunately, we've all had 'em or still do. Those often unsightly, mirrored, sliding closet doors. While very functional and practical in all aspects, they are not the most distinguishable of architectural accents in a room - especially if that room is not even being used as a bedroom. (For example, a bedroom converted into a study/office or craft/sewing room, etc.) Using wallpaper to create a tromp loeil effect is a great camoflauge. Above, a wallpaper border featuring books was applied directly over the glass doors - one section over the other. This is a great idea for rental units and apartments. Use a standard wallpaper removal adhesive when ready to take down. For a child's room, you could use a wallpaper mural. Depending on your artistry skills, you could then continue all or part of the scenery around the remainder of the room. This picture is definitely worth a thousand "words!"

"This Project Rocks!"

Who needs an ordinary wall shelf when you can create one like pictured above. This ordinary child's rocker, painted in vibrant hues to match the room's decor is both practical and fun. The extra storage space the seat area provides is always a bonus, but the "towel bar" function is by far the best. This idea would be great in a country or cottage themed adult's bath as well.

These great towel holder ideas will take any bath from plain to fanciful to downright fun! A baseball bat towel bar will score a home run in a sports-themed bath. Just think of all the many possibilities that are opened up when you use a curtain rod and decorative finials instead of an ordinary stock towel bar. The metal bucket is one idea - just use your imagination to create decorative containers filled with uniquely folded handtowels that your guests will love. Table-size wine racks are a great way to show off a collection of hand towels as well as provide storage alternatives. Larger free-standing wine racks can even hold larger bath towels.