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How   Does   Your   Garden   Grow?

I love this time of year! My manicure takes a beating, but it's worth every chipped nail. (Nope, can't garden in those annoying gloves for I love the feel of the cool earth on my hands too much to cover them up.) Our garden is an extension of our home. We sit out on our back patio almost as much as we do inside. It makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile. Inside our home, our styles of decorating range from American Traditional to Formal to English Country and everything in between. Our home may very well be the epitomy of "eclectic." But, outside in my garden - I like things a bit on the fun side. (My husband calls it "quirky!" lol) The following pics are projects that would fit right in among my benches, statuaries, and plantings. The best part is that the cost to complete any one of these projects ranges from FREE to quite inexpensive. Yard sale or flea markets finds make these projects budget friendly. Just one of these projects will add that same sense of "quirkiness" that I enjoy!

"Your Garden Tools Never Worked So Hard!"

If I were to guess, most everyone has a few old garden tools thrown in the back corner of your barn or garage. If not, how many times you have been to flea markets, etc - and walked by some of the same tools as shown above? What a wonderful and whimsical statement this makes in any garden - whether you use a delicate climbing vine or even a hearty cucumber vine in your vegetable garden. This garden tool "teepee" is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

"Welcome to My Garden..."

Even though this door doesn't actually lead anywhere, it would become a definite welcoming feature of any garden. The pairing of the old-fashioned climber and the Victorian-style wood door is a natural. While roses tend to add a small touch of formality to a garden, the old door provides a less informal and amusing affect.

"It's a Long Way to the Top, Baby!"

How appropriate that this "climber" be given a set of steps to accomplish it's goal! Think how fun this project would be when placed in a flatter section of your garden - instant height and oh what fun! I have an old ladder of this type leaning way back in my garage and hopefully - by the time this newsletter is out - it will be sporting a fresh coat of paint and my new Black-Eyed Susan vine. Or, I might "step" up my pole bean's place of honor in my veggie garden!